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Perspectives on how conversational AI redefines the patient journey and powers automation with empathy in healthcare and life sciences.
phone call-1 Jan 21, 2022 New Year's Resolution: Make Scheduling Simpler Out with the old, in with the new to start the year off. Many of us are starting fresh this January, and there is no reason not to apply the same mindset… Read more
Conversations with Orbita PODCAST- Episode 3: Access, Affordability, and Adherence Feb 16, 2021 Conversations with Orbita PODCAST- Episode 3: Access, Affordability, and Adherence "Reach the individual on the device they are able to access and ideally, create some consistency in the experience of that virtual assistant, so that… Read more
What's Next for Healthcare Conversational AI? Feb 2, 2021 Conversations with Orbita PODCAST - Episode 2: What's Next for Healthcare Conversational AI? "What conversational AI does is engages users with natural language, something that we all grew up with and know how to interact with, whether that is… Read more
Using Chatbots for Employee Health and Safety During a Pandemic Apr 28, 2020 Using Chatbots for Employee Health and Safety During a Pandemic We live in a new world. The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has put unprecedented pressures on our healthcare systems and on our society as a whole. And,… Read more
Apr 16, 2020 Why the World Economic Forum is Exploring Chatbots for COVID-19 and Beyond Recently, Orbita SVP Corporate Strategy Kristi Ebong was invited to participate in a World Economic Forum (WEF) discussion about using chatbots to scale… Read more
Mar 17, 2020 Orbita releases new no-cost COVID-19 Screening chatbot, enabling healthcare organizations to quickly integrate coronavirus Q&A and screening tools into existing websites See news release from Tuesday, March 17, 2020 To assist healthcare organizations in their response to COVID-19, Orbita today announced its new Orbita… Read more
Mar 9, 2020 Got lemonade? Livestream expert sessions on virtual health assistants, public health, and more HIMSS20 canceled? Read more
image (3)-1 Sep 9, 2019 Revitalize the Healthcare Consumer Journey with Virtual Assistants: Find a Doc, Find a Location, and Scheduling Consumer expectations around healthcare have risen as baby boomers need more medical attention and tech savvy millennials want personalized care… Read more
smart_speaker_image_1200x627_v4 Sep 3, 2019 Conversational AI Breathes New Life into Member Services for Healthcare Payers The New Healthcare Consumer The increasing consumerization of healthcare drives behaviors like "shopping around" for health insurance, whether it be due… Read more
worddocheader2 Aug 19, 2019 Transforming the Healthcare Enterprise with Conversational AI Patients with immediate health issues usually want immediate answers. “How can I treat a bee sting?” “I’ve got a strange rash.” “I’ve had a migraine for… Read more
Oct 30, 2018 2018 Voice.Health Hackathon Success: What Happens in Boston Shouldn’t Stay Only in Boston! On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, dozens of digitally savvy individuals gathered at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston for the 2018 Voice Hackathon, an… Read more
Oct 26, 2018 The Boston Buzz: Highlights from Voice.Health Summit, October 17, 2018 The promising role of voice in healthcare took center stage just one week ago at the Boston Seaport World Trade Center thanks to Boston Children’s… Read more