New Year's Resolution: Make Scheduling Simpler

Out with the old, in with the new to start the year off. Many of us are starting fresh this January, and there is no reason not to apply the same mindset to your business. The current scheduling process for medical appointments lacks the advancements in technology we see in everyday life. Think about the last time you ordered take-out, a rideshare, or your latest purchase on Amazon. It was all at the touch of a button, on your own time. So why can’t you book a routine medical appointment, like a colonoscopy, the same way?

Meet your patients’ expectations

The demand for online booking is growing — as many as 43% of patients said they prefer to book appointments online. It can also be a major factor for patients when choosing their physician, whether it is a primary care provider or a specialist. Of patients surveyed, 80% said if given the choice among physicians with similar experience, availability, and proximity to them, they would select the provider who has the option for online scheduling.

When gastroenterology practices think about what the future of their scheduling holds, it is important to consider the preferences of millennials, who are on the cusp of aging into the recommended parameters of colonoscopies. With the oldest of this generation turning 40 last year, soon the generation will reach the screening age. Within this group, upwards of 6 out of every 10 want to be able to book their appointments through an app.

Online scheduling benefits healthcare providers too

2021 was another challenging year for healthcare — the pandemic continued, weighing on clinicians and administrators alike. Offering online scheduling for routine procedures like colonoscopies helps relieve some of the burdens of getting patients in the door. Whether your practice has a few staff members handling the phone or a large call center handling hundreds of calls a day, online scheduling could free up phone lines and help the focus of your staff get back to what matters.

With the average colonoscopy incurring a price tag of $2,750, increased procedures through online scheduling could mean millions in annual revenue for a practice. From making the initial appointment for a colonoscopy to ensuring appointment reminders are sent promptly, automation can ensure time is spent on other tasks needed to keep a practice’s operations running efficiently.

Automation with empathy

The unknowns of having a routine colonoscopy for the first time can be so overwhelming that patients may delay the appointment, cancel, or fail to show up. Quell patient concerns and hesitation with Orbita’s intelligent virtual assistants. Interactions are HIPAA-compliant, private, and convenient. Learn more about our solution and calculate your ROI.

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