Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita

Perspectives from Orbita

Perspectives on how conversational AI redefines the patient journey and powers automation with empathy in healthcare and life sciences.
Adverse Events Module Oct 29, 2020 Engaging Healthcare Providers in Pharmacovigilance with Orbita’s New Adverse Event Detection Module   In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless healthcare organizations across the world have adopted or expanded new methods of delivering care… Read more
Patient experience with interactive cards Oct 13, 2020 Improving Healthcare Chatbot Experiences with Interactive and Visual Adaptive Cards The complexity and diversity of healthcare organizations requires an intelligent virtual assistant to support the wide variety of questions and requests… Read more
Oct 6, 2020 Balancing the Use of Virtual Assistants and Live Agents to Support the Patient Journey Many of the articles and stories comparing the power and effectiveness of chatbots with live agents are inconsistent and sometimes even polarizing. Some… Read more
Patient satisfaction surveys Sep 29, 2020 Automate Patient Satisfaction Surveys Through Voice and Chat with Orbita Patients are increasingly selective in where they receive their care, and therefore patient satisfaction is more important now than ever. However,… Read more
Sep 15, 2020 Managing your Patients' Healthcare Journeys with Virtual Assistants In the thousands of hours each year where patients are not in the direct care of their healthcare providers, they are expected to maintain and manage… Read more
Sep 1, 2020 Getting Your Hospital Back Online In the Midst of COVID-19 with Virtual Assistants The healthcare industry presents unique complexities and brings about a wide variety of barriers that healthcare organizations and providers must overcome… Read more
Aug 20, 2020 Notification from Orbita: How outgoing messages to patients can improve healthcare Nowadays, the virtual opportunities to engage with entertainment, information, and other humans are endless. Our attention is pushed and pulled towards… Read more
Aug 5, 2020 How the Amazon Echo Show Can Combat Loneliness During COVID-19 In a matter of months, the term “social distancing” has gone from a hypothetical intervention plan to prevent the spread of a contagious disease to our… Read more
Feb 24, 2020 What The Growth of Google Assistant Means for Your SEO Strategy This year, Google Assistant will become the main voice search method in the Chrome browser. This changeover from the current voice search method… Read more
Feb 13, 2020 Get Found Via Voice Search The first search engine was created by Alan Emtage in 1990 and named Archie. Yahoo! was then born in 1994. Altavista in 1995. Ask Jeeves in 1997. And… Read more
Jun 5, 2018 Errant Alexa Communications Are Rare. The Benefit of Voice in Healthcare is Real Cell phone pocket calls occur every day, with the first “butt dial” likely happening shortly after the very first person thought it was a good idea to… Read more
Nov 16, 2017 Will Voice Assistants and Bots replace Websites and Mobile Apps? Natural language refers to the way we, that is humans, communicate with each other.  Namely, speech and text. For computers, natural language used to be… Read more
Jul 6, 2017 Voice Assistants Working with Mobile Apps Over the last two years we’ve experienced the impact of voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home, which are providing a new channel for users to… Read more
Jan 25, 2017 Health Insurance Companies Are Betting Big on Health Care IoT Aside from health care consumers and providers, nobody may be more affected by technology in health care than the health insurance companies and other… Read more
Dec 15, 2016 VC’s are stepping up investment in home care The home care industry is taking off. We see it every day with the applications that our clients are developing. And if we wanted more evidence, we had to… Read more