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Perspectives from Orbita

Perspectives on how conversational AI redefines the patient journey and powers automation with empathy in healthcare and life sciences.
Sep 22, 2016 The Unsung Technologies of Digital Home Healthcare It’s no secret that interest in better home healthcare is on the rise. Economic forces like value-based reimbursement and accountable care are pushing… Read more
Sep 21, 2016 Telehealth On The Rise In case you’ve been wondering, the evidence is in. Telehealth is truly taking off. Read more
doctor-1149149_1280.jpg Sep 6, 2016 The End Of Healthcare As We Know It It’s true, we are approaching the end of health care as we know it. But it’s a reason to rejoice. The reason we are approaching the end is that the… Read more
Aug 17, 2016 Infamous HIPAA Fines Are you taking HIPAA seriously? REALLY seriously, and not just providing lip service?  The great thing about HIPAA is that it clearly lays out rules and… Read more
telehealth-elderly.jpg Jul 6, 2016 What’s Influencing Telemental Health Underneath the general category of telehealth or telemedicine, there’s an increasing focus on telemental health, a subspeciality of telemedicine. What is… Read more
computer-coding.jpg Jun 29, 2016 When It Comes To A Digital Home Healthcare Platform, Should I Build My Own? The market for home health care technology is poised for tremendous growth; there is no disagreement with that. The aging global population, advances in… Read more
screen-4.png Jun 28, 2016 Orbita Partners with Awrel To Power Connected Dentistry Today we announced our partnership with Awrel. Awrel is leveraging the Orbita platform to deliver a first-of-its-kind secure messaging and collaboration… Read more
Jun 20, 2016 Medical Device Manufacturers: Embrace Mobile or Embrace Extinction In 1996 Mission Impossible & Independence Day were breaking box office records. Kodak had 140,000 employees and was the 4th most valuable brand in the… Read more
Apr 7, 2016 Questions from Caregivers on Medication When you’re caring for the health of a loved one, a lot of questions come up. We want to help make sure you’re providing the best care possible, so we’re… Read more
Mar 17, 2016 Do They Need Short-Term Or Long-Term Care? One of the topics the bring ups questions when caring for a loved one, is the type of care that you will need for them. Below you will find answers to… Read more
Jan 8, 2016 A New Year Brings New Starts for Healthcare and IoT Happy New Year! Read more
Dec 15, 2015 Internet of Things is Set to Transform Healthcare Big Data IoT has become the go-to technology for every industry, and with good reason. It’s everywhere. And healthcare looks to be headed in the same direction,… Read more
Dec 11, 2015 IoT to Transform Healthcare Delivery By now we have all heard about many different ways the Internet of Things is expected to transform lifestyles and business. One of the key industries to… Read more
Nov 13, 2015 The Seldom Discussed but Extremely Powerful Aspect of Wearables: Community A couple of weeks ago, I saw an interesting piece on Forbes, entitled “Wearables Are Missing a Crucial Aspect: Community.” This article was the third in a… Read more