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Get Found Via Voice Search

Feb 13, 2020 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN virtual health assistant, IN OrbitaENGAGE, IN voice seo, IN voice search

The first search engine was created by Alan Emtage in 1990 and named Archie. Yahoo! was then born in 1994. Altavista in 1995. Ask Jeeves in 1997. And Google was founded in 1998. A good majority of people these days, including yourself, may say “I’ll Google it” as Google has become a household name.  

When we “Google it” - what exactly does that entail? It means you go to the browser, type in...

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Why Voice? Conversational AI in Healthcare and Virtual Health Assistants

Dec 18, 2019 By Nick White | EVP Patient Care Solutions at Orbita IN conversational AI, IN virtual health assistant, IN virtual bedside assistant

Nick White, Orbita EVP Patient Care Solutions

Recently I made one of the biggest decisions in my career to leave a stable role at one of the Big Four global firms and join a Boston based start-up, Orbita, specializing in conversational AI in healthcare. Many of you saw this coming for a while, but for those just learning about it, I want to share some of my thinking on what has me so excited...

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2020: Access to Care Through the Digital Front Door

Dec 06, 2019 By Kristi Ebong | SVP Corporate Strategy at Orbita IN conversational AI, IN digital front door, IN virtual health assistant, IN virtual navigation

As consumers expect real-time access and immediate information when making purchasing decisions, it's no surprise that as patients, they have similar expectations when it comes to making healthcare decisions. More and more often, healthcare organizations are placing higher priority on their Digital Front Door; the digital channels by which patients can access and engage with the organization’s...

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