Perspectives from Orbita

Perspectives on how conversational AI redefines the patient journey and powers automation with empathy in healthcare and life sciences.
worddocheader2 Aug 19, 2019 Transforming the Healthcare Enterprise with Conversational AI Patients with immediate health issues usually want immediate answers. “How can I treat a bee sting?” “I’ve got a strange rash.” “I’ve had a migraine for… Read more
luminarylabsgoingvoicefirst-180208205629 Jul 16, 2019 5 tips for a great experience at VOICE Summit 2019 Newark will be buzzing next week with lots of energy and engaging dialogue at VOICE Summit 2019 being hosted at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.… Read more
Jun 26, 2019 The Power of Conversation: Mayo Clinic's Approach to Content Services with Voice Earlier this year we co-hosted a webinar with Joyce Even of the Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions group to discuss Mayo’s use of virtual assistant… Read more Apr 4, 2019 Amazon Alexa is now HIPAA-Eligible. What's Next? Big News, but Just the beginning These days, big news stories in healthcare are just as likely to come from large technology companies as from major… Read more
worddocheader2 Mar 8, 2019 Orbita Flow - A No-Code Way for UX Designers and Content Authors to Build Conversational Experiences When it comes to designing, developing and maintaining conversational experiences, there can be many chefs in the kitchen. Read more
Nov 1, 2018 Will Voice Replace Your Website?: Six Tips For Content Management in a Voice-First World No, not really. Voice will not replace your website. At least not any time soon. But by now, it should be obvious that we’re entering a new era of digital… Read more
Oct 26, 2018 The Boston Buzz: Highlights from Voice.Health Summit, October 17, 2018 The promising role of voice in healthcare took center stage just one week ago at the Boston Seaport World Trade Center thanks to Boston Children’s… Read more
Jun 19, 2018 Clinical Trial Shows the Benefit of Voice in Disease Management In a recent post, I gave a hypothetical example showing how voice could be an effective tool in a variety of healthcare scenarios a single patient may… Read more
Jun 5, 2018 Errant Alexa Communications Are Rare. The Benefit of Voice in Healthcare is Real Cell phone pocket calls occur every day, with the first “butt dial” likely happening shortly after the very first person thought it was a good idea to… Read more
May 8, 2018 From Prevention to Administration, Examples of Voice Assistant Use in Healthcare In past posts, we’ve talked generally about the role of voice in healthcare. This post will be more specific. It will follow the journey of a patient who,… Read more
doctor-echo-057357-edited Jan 30, 2018 5 Applications of Voice Assistants in Healthcare Previous blog posts have noted that voice is a natural interface for communicating our thoughts and ideas. Recent innovations have made voice an obvious… Read more
Nov 16, 2017 Will Voice Assistants and Bots replace Websites and Mobile Apps? Natural language refers to the way we, that is humans, communicate with each other. Namely, speech and text. For computers, natural language used to be… Read more
Oct 3, 2017 HIMSS17 - The Latest In Digital Healthcare Technology It’s hard to sum up HIMSS17 – the healthcare IT conference held last month in Orlando – in just one blogpost, but (thanks to the articles linked here),… Read more
Jul 6, 2017 Voice Assistants Working with Mobile Apps Over the last two years we’ve experienced the impact of voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home, which are providing a new channel for users to… Read more
Jun 30, 2017 Is Your Web Content Voice Ready? The Voice Experience Takes Off Voice recognition has been around for a long time – since the early 1950’s, when initial systems could recognize spoken… Read more