Patty Riskind | CEO

Perspectives from Orbita

Perspectives on how conversational AI redefines the patient journey and powers automation with empathy in healthcare and life sciences.
Jun 20, 2023 It’s Time to Rethink the “Bad ‘Bot” Stereotype We’ve all interacted with a “bad bot” at some point – and probably more than once! Whether trying to cancel a subscription or fix a faulty vacuum cleaner,… Read more
Apr 27, 2022 Stop Making Patients Work So Hard Self-scheduling can become frustration-free with automation connecting text, voice, web access – for ultimate patient convenience. Read more
Scheduling is PAINFUL...Let's Make it Easy! Nov 2, 2021 Scheduling is PAINFUL… Let’s Make it Easy! Patients want better access, convenience, and transparency from their healthcare experiences. You would think the first place to engage and create a great… Read more
Why Digital Healthcare? Jul 13, 2021 Why Orbita? From CEO Patty Riskind My first six weeks as CEO at Orbita have flown by! I am so energized and excited about the extraordinary work Orbita is doing to streamline workflows,… Read more