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Managing your Patients' Healthcare Journeys with Virtual Assistants

Sep 15, 2020 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita

In the thousands of hours each year where patients are not in the direct care of their healthcare providers, they are expected to maintain and manage certain aspects of their care journey. These aspects can include keeping up with medications, routine screenings, physical therapy, tracking symptoms, and more.

Care plan adherence is complex; it depends on the patient’s understanding of their...

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Getting Your Hospital Back Online In the Midst of COVID-19 with Virtual Assistants

Sep 01, 2020 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita

The healthcare industry presents unique complexities and brings about a wide variety of barriers that healthcare organizations and providers must overcome to implement the most effective care plans for their patients. One key example of these barriers and obstacles is the poor quality of many existing communication channels that providers currently use to support patients virtually in managing...

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Alexa for Healthcare: Amazon Takes a Next Step with HIPAA

Aug 31, 2020 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN HIPAA, IN amazon alexa

Amazon has rolled out an update to their program for HIPAA-eligible Alexa skills.  

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Notification from Orbita: How outgoing messages to patients can improve healthcare

Aug 20, 2020 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN notifications, IN virtual care

Nowadays, the virtual opportunities to engage with entertainment, information, and other humans are endless. Our attention is pushed and pulled towards every ad and alert that meets our ears or eyes. While consumers grapple to prioritize information they are receiving, the challenge creators face is pushing agendas and messages through the clutter to be the top priority, without overwhelming...

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Powering the Healthcare Digital Front Door and Reducing Clinician Burden with Conversational AI

Aug 14, 2020 By Chelsea Biel, BSN, RN | Orbita Director of Clinical Informatics IN digital front door, IN clinician burden

Clinician burnout is well-established and has been studied for over a decade. The health IT community has responded with efficiency tools, training, and programs for clinicians, with a lesser focus on using digital tools to offload this burden by automating processes and equipping clinicians to practice at the top of their license. A recent JAMIA publication found that EHR efficiency tools...

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How the Amazon Echo Show Can Combat Loneliness During COVID-19

Aug 05, 2020 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN virtual health assistant, IN COVID-19, IN Amazon Echo Show

In a matter of months, the term “social distancing” has gone from a hypothetical intervention plan to prevent the spread of a contagious disease to our new normal. It is now a household phrase: splashed across newspapers, stamped on the doors of public buildings, and discussed at the dinner table. As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc worldwide, time continues to pile up since many of us have...

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Using Chatbots for Employee Health and Safety During a Pandemic

Apr 28, 2020 By Orbita Team IN virtual health assistant, IN COVID-19, IN chatbots

We live in a new world. The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has put unprecedented pressures on our healthcare systems and on our society as a wholeAnd, while it may not feel like it, the pandemic is still in its early phases and we continue to learn more about it each dayFor example, many experts, including those in the United States Coronavirus Task Force, have made preliminary statements...

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COVID-19: Managing employee health and safety under new OSHA requirements

Apr 16, 2020 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN COVID-19, IN OSHA, IN chatbots

In the past week, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published an interim enforcement response plan, new enforcement guidance, and other general guidelines related to COVID-19 in the workplace. These new publications and memos assert the heightened attention OSHA is giving to the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus in the workplace.

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Why the World Economic Forum is Exploring Chatbots for COVID-19 and Beyond

Apr 16, 2020 By Orbita Team

Recently, Orbita SVP Corporate Strategy Kristi Ebong was invited to participate in a World Economic Forum (WEF) discussion about using chatbots to scale COVID-19 response. Kristi was joined by seven experts from private-sector companies across the world, including Google, Microsoft, and Babylon Health. The session was moderated by Kay Firth-Butterfield, the WEF’s lead of Artificial...

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Reducing the burden of social isolation and building connection through voice in healthcare

Apr 07, 2020 By Chelsea Biel, BSN, RN | Orbita Director of Clinical Informatics IN virtual healthcare assistant, IN OrbitaASSIST

I’ve been thinking more and more about the power of voice in the last year. Two experiences specifically shaped my decision to join the team at Orbita:

  1. becoming a mother
  2. being hospitalized and on the other side of the patient-clinician interaction for the first time

As a nurse from a family of clinicians, healthcare was a calling of mine from an early age. In the last decade, I’ve become...

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