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Transforming the Healthcare Enterprise with Conversational AI

Aug 19, 2019 By Orbita Team IN Voice technology, IN virtual assistant, IN conversational AI

Patients with immediate health issues usually want immediate answers. “How can I treat a bee sting?” “I’ve got a strange rash.” “I’ve had a migraine for three days. Help!” 

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Chatbots, Voice, and More: How Healthcare Providers are Using Virtual Assistants to transform Consumer Experiences

Jul 09, 2019 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN virtual assistant, IN consumer services

In recent webinars and blog posts, we’ve discussed Amazon’s HIPAA announcement and how it will impact virtual assistants in healthcare.

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The Power of Conversation: Mayo Clinic's Approach to Content Services with Voice

Jun 26, 2019 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN voice assistants, IN Voice technology, IN mayo clinic, IN virtual assistant

Earlier this year we co-hosted a webinar with Joyce Even of the Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions group to discuss Mayo’s use of virtual assistant technology in healthcare education. This post summarizes the information shared in that webinar.

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