Perspectives from Orbita

Perspectives on how conversational AI redefines the patient journey and powers automation with empathy in healthcare and life sciences.
Feb 21, 2019 HIMSS19 – Consumer and Patient Engagement Need Voice Technology Take-home pamphlets and regular physician check-ins have run their course in the history of patient engagement. These have long been the means of getting… Read more
Oct 30, 2018 2018 Voice.Health Hackathon Success: What Happens in Boston Shouldn’t Stay Only in Boston! On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, dozens of digitally savvy individuals gathered at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston for the 2018 Voice Hackathon, an… Read more
Jun 19, 2018 Clinical Trial Shows the Benefit of Voice in Disease Management In a recent post, I gave a hypothetical example showing how voice could be an effective tool in a variety of healthcare scenarios a single patient may… Read more
May 8, 2018 From Prevention to Administration, Examples of Voice Assistant Use in Healthcare In past posts, we’ve talked generally about the role of voice in healthcare. This post will be more specific. It will follow the journey of a patient who,… Read more
doctor-echo-057357-edited Jan 30, 2018 5 Applications of Voice Assistants in Healthcare Previous blog posts have noted that voice is a natural interface for communicating our thoughts and ideas. Recent innovations have made voice an obvious… Read more
May 24, 2017 Echo Show: the power of show and tell Amazon’s recent announcement of Echo Show – a touchscreen device with Alexa voice technology built in – got a generally favorable reception, but in that… Read more
Mar 7, 2017 HIMSS17 - The Latest In Digital Healthcare Technology It’s hard to sum up HIMSS17 – the healthcare IT conference held last month in Orlando – in just one blogpost, but (thanks to the articles linked here),… Read more
Feb 27, 2017 The Power of Voice Part 2: How Voice Assistants Can Improve Healthcare Outcomes Part 1 "The Power of Voice Experiences for Elderly in Home Healthcare" outlines the differnt voice technologies available and how they can help with the… Read more
Feb 8, 2017 The Power of Voice Experiences for Elderly in Home Healthcare It’s no secret that the US population is aging. According to the Population Research Bureau projections made in 2016, the number of Americans who are 65… Read more
Jan 25, 2017 Health Insurance Companies Are Betting Big on Health Care IoT Aside from health care consumers and providers, nobody may be more affected by technology in health care than the health insurance companies and other… Read more
Jan 13, 2017 Reducing Alert Fatigue in Healthcare by Engaging the At-Home Care Team One of the by-products of the increasing use of technology in healthcare is that there are more and more alerts being sent to care providers. These range… Read more
Nov 17, 2016 Several Ways That Technology Is Improving Patient Outcomes Patient centered activity tracking The mobile IoT (Internet of Things) along with miniaturization is making possible never before dreamed of ways to… Read more
Nov 3, 2016 Telehealth Becomes Just Plain Health Back in late September, at the Health IT Summit held in New York, Healthcare Informatics sponsored a panel discussion entitled “Telehealth: New Platform… Read more
Oct 20, 2016 Orbita Platform Announcement at Partners Connected Healthcare Symposium Today we are very pleased to announce the availability of the Orbita Digital Experience Platform for connected home healthcare applications. While the… Read more
Sep 21, 2016 Telehealth On The Rise In case you’ve been wondering, the evidence is in. Telehealth is truly taking off. Read more