Orbita Newsletter - Q3 2016 - In Orbit with New Partners, New Opportunities....

Orbita Is On the Move.  

Orbit - to make a curved path around an object, as in a planet orbiting the sun. 

Interestingly, the word orbit has another definition: “the usual course of one's life or range of one's activities.”   While we’d like to predict a usual course of life or range of activities, our health plays a major role in defining our orbit - especially for those of us dealing with chronic, post-acute, or age-related health conditions. 

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Orbita’s mission is to improve lives through transformative, digital home healthcare experiences.  We are making steady progress on this mission with new features and new customers that demonstrate how the Orbita platform increases the quality and efficiency of home healthcare by dramatically improving information gathering, awareness, communication, and decision making across the many players who orbit home healthcare patients.

Consider these recent announcements:   

  • PN Medical is using Orbita for their Breather+™ next-generation respiratory muscle training device. Sensors embedded in this first-of-its-kind device will capture lung activity data from individuals struggling with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory and speech disorders. Orbita’s cloud-based platform gathers and processes this data and presents it in an intuitive dashboard for clinicians to monitor patients and track progress, enabling earlier intervention to reduce risks of medical crises and hospitalizations.
  • Awrel recently unveiled a HIPAA-compliant mobile and web-based messaging application for quick, easy and secure communication and collaboration in the dental industry. Awrel relies on the Orbita platform to aggregate data, streamline workflow, and provide secure sharing and collaboration around images and documents among dentists, labs, patients and other dental entities.

Over these past several months, we’ve been privileged to engage with hundreds of professionals across a wide variety of healthcare organizations. All these organizations face a brand new world shaped by new economic models, changing demographics, and the rise of powerful new connected technologies. Orbita is here to help these organizations succeed in this new world with digital home healthcare solutions that:

  • improve quality of care by enhancing patient satisfaction, increasing treatment adherence, meeting value-based reimbursement criteria, etc.
  • reduce risks and costs by decreasing unnecessary hospital admissions, re-admission rates and penalties, and optimizing work force efficiency
  • build revenue streams by enhancing existing offerings and enabling new ones

We’re giving a lot of demos of our digital home healthcare platform and solutions these days. If you’d like to see what we’ve been up to, please click here to request a demo of your own.

Best wishes from all of us at Orbita and thanks for your continued interest and support.