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A New Year Brings New Starts for Healthcare and IoT

Jan 08, 2016 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN Internet of Things, IN wearables, IN Healthcare

Happy New Year!

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The Seldom Discussed but Extremely Powerful Aspect of Wearables: Community

Nov 13, 2015 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN wearables

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an interesting piece on Forbes, entitled “Wearables Are Missing a Crucial Aspect: Community.” This article was the third in a still-ongoing, six-part series by Jennifer Elias entitled, “The Leftovers: Why the Communities Who Could Benefit Most from Wearables Are Being Left Behind.” 

The overall thrust of the series (I went back and read the prior two articles as...

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