The Power of Conversation

Transforming Digital Healthcare through the Power of Voice Assistants, Chat Bots, and Conversational Experiences.

When It Comes To A Digital Home Healthcare Platform, Should I Build My Own?

Jun 29, 2016 By Bill Rogers IN IoT, IN platforms, IN security, IN Healthcare

The market for home health care technology is poised for tremendous growth; there is no disagreement with that. The aging global population, advances in health care treatments, the move towards in-residence and outpatient care, and the new possibilities created by the Internet of Things (IoT) all synergize together to create incredible opportunities for existing and potential providers of...

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Who Owns My Data?

Nov 12, 2015 By Nate Treloar IN IoT, IN consumer experience, IN security, IN data, IN Privacy

We’ve often written about how connected experiences in the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) provide a powerful new channel for engaging and marketing to consumers.  In one post, we wrote about consumer app monetization. In another, we discussed IoT’s impact on advertising. The emergence of hyper-contextual marketing was the topic of yet another related post.

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