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Medical Device Manufacturers: Embrace Mobile or Embrace Extinction

Jun 20, 2016 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN disruption, IN devices, IN Medical

In 1996 Mission Impossible & Independence Day were breaking box office records. Kodak had 140,000 employees and was the 4th most valuable brand in the USA, selling film to everyone from consumers to hospitals to motion picture studios. While Kodak also made consumer grade cameras, it never was present in the higher end professional space dominated to this day by Canon & Nikon.

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Caring for Those With Alzheimer’s

Mar 31, 2016 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN IoT, IN Medical, IN Healthcare, IN Care, IN Alzheimer's

Few things are more frightening than the prospect of having a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and as our population ages, that prospect becomes more likely for more individuals. If you’re one of those individuals, or just someone interested in learning about Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s Association is an excellent place to start from both an informational and support perspective. 

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5 Incredible Connected Health Devices Featured at CES

Jan 12, 2016 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN IoT, IN Internet of Things, IN connected products, IN devices, IN Healthcare

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the showcase event for consumer electronics innovations. This year’s giant show, held January 6 through 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada, was no different in that respect. What was different this year was the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices promising to change the lives of consumers for the better.

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A New Year Brings New Starts for Healthcare and IoT

Jan 08, 2016 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN Internet of Things, IN wearables, IN Healthcare

Happy New Year!

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The Internet of Healthcare Things

Dec 31, 2015 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN IoT, IN IoHT, IN Healthcare

Last spring, International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that, in 2020, the market for Internet of Things (IoT) would grow to $1.7 trillion (from $655.8 billion in 2015).  One of the verticals driving this impressive growth is the healthcare industry. In fact, healthcare has even become a recognized – and acronym’d – subsector of IoT, as many are now referring to the IoHT (Internet of...

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Medical Devices Will Be Driven By IoT

Dec 23, 2015 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN IoT, IN devices, IN Medical, IN Healthcare

Of all the applications of the Internet of Things (IoT),  medical devices may be one of the areas to benefit the most from the new technology. This nascent market has the potential to reach $163 billion dollars in less than five years, according to research firm Markets and Markets.  This should be no surprise, as the medical device industry is an obvious application.

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Internet of Things is Set to Transform Healthcare Big Data

Dec 15, 2015 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN Providers, IN Caregivers, IN Healthcare

IoT has become the go-to technology for every industry, and with good reason. It’s everywhere. And healthcare looks to be headed in the same direction, placing a high priority on the tech because of it’s high priority on patient engagement. According to an article by Jennifer Bresnick, there are few technologies that can “personalize the care experience like the new crop of wearable devices,...

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IoT to Transform Healthcare Delivery

Dec 11, 2015 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN apps, IN Thought Leadership, IN Healthcare

By now we have all heard about many different ways the Internet of Things is expected to transform lifestyles and business. One of the key industries to be impacted by the IoT is healthcare.  An article by Chloe Green in Information Age talks about this coming transformation by looking at some of the things smart healthcare decision makers can do to take advantage of IoT in their healthcare...

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The Seldom Discussed but Extremely Powerful Aspect of Wearables: Community

Nov 13, 2015 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN wearables

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an interesting piece on Forbes, entitled “Wearables Are Missing a Crucial Aspect: Community.” This article was the third in a still-ongoing, six-part series by Jennifer Elias entitled, “The Leftovers: Why the Communities Who Could Benefit Most from Wearables Are Being Left Behind.” 

The overall thrust of the series (I went back and read the prior two articles as...

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Who Owns My Data?

Nov 12, 2015 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN IoT, IN consumer experience, IN security, IN data, IN Privacy

We’ve often written about how connected experiences in the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) provide a powerful new channel for engaging and marketing to consumers.  In one post, we wrote about consumer app monetization. In another, we discussed IoT’s impact on advertising. The emergence of hyper-contextual marketing was the topic of yet another related post.

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