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From Prevention to Administration, Examples of Voice Assistant Use in Healthcare

May 08, 2018 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN Healthcare, IN Health, IN connected health, IN voice assistants, IN Voice technology, IN Health Insurance, IN Voice Experiences, IN voice-first, IN long-term care

In past posts, we’ve talked generally about the role of voice in healthcare. This post will be more specific. It will follow the journey of a patient who, at various points, requires information and some level of interaction with people and institutions in her healthcare sphere. This patient is living in the hopefully not-too-distance future when voice assistants play a larger role in...

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Health Insurance Companies Are Betting Big on Health Care IoT

Jan 25, 2017 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN IoT, IN Healthcare, IN Health, IN connected health, IN Health Insurance

Aside from health care consumers and providers, nobody may be more affected by technology in health care than the health insurance companies and other third-party payers of health care. To that end, they are making significant investments directly into health care IoT (Internet of Things) technology companies, and other digital health care players such as application developers.

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Demo of Orbita Reference Web Application

Sep 27, 2016 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN APIs, IN cloud, IN Care, IN Health


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Breathing easier with remote care management

Aug 26, 2016 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN Health, IN connected health, IN RCM

Remote care management (RCM) for those suffering from chronic conditions is one of the main areas where digital health care solutions are starting to play an important role in providing care that is both more effective and more cost efficient. I was reminded of just how effective and efficient such approaches can be when I came across a post on Health Affairs. In his piece, Alan Snell noted...

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Infamous HIPAA Fines

Aug 17, 2016 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN Healthcare, IN Health, IN HIPAA

Are you taking HIPAA seriously? REALLY seriously, and not just providing lip service?  The great thing about HIPAA is that it clearly lays out rules and standards for handling patient data. The consequences are dire for lax adherence, or lackadaisical implementation of standards and best practices. Just consider these examples, compiled courtesy of .

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What’s Influencing Telemental Health

Jul 06, 2016 By Bill Rogers | CEO at Orbita IN Trends, IN IoT, IN platforms, IN Health, IN telemental, IN telehealth

Underneath the general category of telehealth or telemedicine, there’s an increasing focus on telemental health, a subspeciality of telemedicine. What is telemental health? According to the Telemental Health Guide, it’s the provision of mental health services using live, interactive videoconferencing.” The guide also notes that, “all mental health procedures that are delivered ‘face to face’...

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7 Online Resources To Help Caregivers

Apr 28, 2016 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN Caregivers, IN Healthcare, IN Resources, IN Health

Being a caregiver for a loved one is a noble but sometimes difficult job. Though it may never become “easy,” there are some tools thanks to the Internet that can provide valuable resources and support for those in the position of providing support and care to an incapacitated loved one. Here are a few of them:

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Ten Good Reads For Caregivers

Apr 14, 2016 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN books, IN Caregivers, IN Health
Daunting. Challenging. Demanding. Heartbreaking. Life-affirming. Aggravating.  Heartwarming.  Costly. Rewarding. All of the above.
For those taking care of their aging parents or other elders, the emotions may be decidedly  mixed, and as our population ages, more and more of us will be experiencing those emotions a nd often thinking that we’re experiencing them on our own....
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