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Internet of Things? It’s really the Internet of making those things useful.

Sep 12, 2016 By Nate Treloar | President & COO at Orbita IN IoT, IN connected products, IN platforms, IN sensors

We’re reading an awful lot these days about the Internet of Things. Is it here yet? When’s it coming? How big is it? And, come to think of it, what exactly is it? But perhaps the most fundamental question of all is what exactly is the IoT doing to make my life better?

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Importance of User Experience, Explained Through Short Film - Uninvited Guests

Jul 25, 2016 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN connected experiences, IN connected products, IN user experience, IN Healthcare, IN connected health


Uninvited Guests is a short film about a few different things actually, but primarily, about the user experience with Internet of Things (IoT) connected wellness devices. An elderly British gentleman has been provided, by his loving children, with some innovative IoT smart devices to help him improve his health and lifestyle habits after his wife dies. The products fail as we see, in a...

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Connected Elder Care Products You've Never Heard Of

May 19, 2016 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN connected home, IN connected products, IN home care, IN Care

Elder care products are evolving, getting smarter and more effective to help patients live longer, healthier lives. By using smart technology to monitor everything from medication to activity and connecting that information. With the information patients, their families, and their doctors can make informed, real-time decisions about the best options for healthcare.

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5 Incredible Connected Health Devices Featured at CES

Jan 12, 2016 By Bill Cava | Chief Product Officer at Orbita IN IoT, IN Internet of Things, IN connected products, IN devices, IN Healthcare

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the showcase event for consumer electronics innovations. This year’s giant show, held January 6 through 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada, was no different in that respect. What was different this year was the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices promising to change the lives of consumers for the better.

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