Perspectives from Orbita

Perspectives on how conversational AI redefines the patient journey and powers automation with empathy in healthcare and life sciences.
Mar 14, 2018 Leveraging Conversational Experiences to Address Aging-in-Place Needs of Older Adults Recently, Aging 2.0, a global network focused on a collaborative, lifestyle-oriented, opportunity-driven approach to aging, published information on eight… Read more
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Apr 14, 2016 Ten Good Reads For Caregivers Daunting. Challenging. Demanding. Heartbreaking. Life-affirming. Aggravating.  Heartwarming.  Costly. Rewarding. All of the above. For those taking care… Read more
Apr 7, 2016 Questions from Caregivers on Medication When you’re caring for the health of a loved one, a lot of questions come up. We want to help make sure you’re providing the best care possible, so we’re… Read more
Mar 23, 2016 Caregiver Questions Answered about Financials & Legality Becoming a caregiver can bring up questions along the way, below you will find answer to common questions about finacials and legal help.  Read more
Mar 17, 2016 Do They Need Short-Term Or Long-Term Care? One of the topics the bring ups questions when caring for a loved one, is the type of care that you will need for them. Below you will find answers to… Read more
Mar 9, 2016 Questions about Being a Caregiver? Start Here. This is the first of many blogs that will be part of an ongoing blog series answering FAQ by caregivers. When you become a caregiver for an elderly or… Read more
Dec 15, 2015 Internet of Things is Set to Transform Healthcare Big Data IoT has become the go-to technology for every industry, and with good reason. It’s everywhere. And healthcare looks to be headed in the same direction,… Read more