Introducing Orbita. Home Healthcare for the Digital Age.

When we started our business under the name Bebaio last year, we set as our mission to improve lives through connected product experiences - made possible by the emerging Internet of Things. We remain true to this mission, but as many startups experience, the passage of time brings new insights and new opportunities that help to focus a business strategy. For us, it has lead us to focus on a problem that is very large, very important, and, for us, very personal – home care. 

Why home care?

Let's face it, few things in life are as important as the safety, comfort, and wellness of someone you love. In the U.S. alone, one in five adults cares for an aging or ailing loved one, so the odds are very good that you or someone you know has been a caregiver at one time or another. If you have, you know that it can be a stressful experience fraught with worry, frustration, and doubt. And, unfortunately, there are few tools available to help caregivers better support the needs of their loved ones.

We have rebranded Bebaio as Orbita as part of our commitment to improving the quality of home care through modern, digital applications. Orbita's first product, currently in development, is specifically designed for the needs of patients and caregivers dealing with chronic health or age related conditions at home. It is a connected application that brings data from connected home care devices into a social experience that:

  1. engages patients with dignity in their own at-home care
  2. empowers caregivers to deliver better support and advocacy for their loved-ones, and
  3. enables healthcare providers with more complete and timely data about their patients at home.

Very soon, we will be rolling out the first pre-release version of Orbita home healthcare solution to a select group of pilot users. We'll follow that with successively broader evaluation releases leading up to our formal launch later this year. If you are interested in participating in the pre-release evaluation program or just want to learn more, please drop us a note.

As always, thanks for your interest and support.