20 IoT Twitter Accounts You Should Follow


Of course we want you to follow our Twitter account @ioteverything. We cover a lot of ground, but the Internet of Things is moving so fast, it’s impossible to put everything in one place. We follow these twenty accounts, each for different reasons, and we think you should too. There’s overlap, of course, but you’ll find accounts that focus on everything from business to culture to wearables to drones.

1. @buildingiot 

BuildingIoT is everything that has to do with the Internet of Things – devices that connect things to other things and the impact on communities, environment and infrastructures.

2. @IBMIoT 

This is the official IBM site about the Internet of Things and the way it can connect to business value. It’s not just about what IBM is doing (though that’s a good part of it), it’s about how business is changing because of IoT.

3. @TheIoT   

Here you’ll find a clearing house for articles about IoT, big and small. Not much commentary, but a lot of news and information to take in.

4. @wtvox

If you want news about wearables, this is the place to go. It covers actual products being produced today and technology that will enable even more advanced wearables in the future.

5. @Things_Internet  

This is another broad-based news account, with a special focus on smart homes. The news they curate definitely has an international flavor, and provides a worldwide perspective.

6. @web3iot 

This is direct commentary about what’s going on in the IoT world, with a particular interest in drones, UAVs and wearables.

7. @business_of_iot 

Mostly retweets, Business of IoT is “exploring the new business models, opportunities, data and analytics that the Internet of Things is making possible.” They’re based in London.

8. @IoTPedia 

Seems like they have a great deal of interest in the connected automobile sector of IoT. It’s not all they cover, but it’s definitely on their mind.

9. @IoTwatcher 

An aggregate account that’s worth following, this isn’t just about technology. It’s about impact and where IoT could take us.

10. @IoT_World 

Want insght into what the immediate future of IoT is and what it takes to be a part of it? You’ll find aggregated content about conferences, education and cutting edge development here.

11. @IoPeople 

Internet of People is a Euro-centric account that offers a mix of commentary and aggregate news about the people behind IoT and what they’re up to.

12. @iotworldview 

IoT Worldview delivers expert opinions about everything IoT. That means a lot o retweets and not a lot of original content, but this is where you’ll find thought leaders sharing ideas all in one space.

13. @iotattack 

IoT Attack follows cutting edge IoT news. Yes, all IoT is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, but this account goes to that leading edge of it all.

14. @IoTBlogs 

This is the spot of blog posts, not mainstream news. Writers and thought leaders can submit their blog posts here for sharing. You’ll find thoughts from all over – companies, individuals, government agencies and more.

15. @iotguide 

This Twitter account is a guide to events and product announcements about IoT. Worth following if you want to attend conferences and follow products from their launch date.


Remember the IBM blog up top? This is similar content, focusing on business value, but without being IBM-centric.

17. @IoTverse  

If you’re looking for a focus on the business side of IoT, this is the place. Partnerships, team-ups, and tech developments are the kinds of news you’ll find here.

18. @MicrosoftIoT 

Think of this as a newsfeed about what goes on in between devices. Obviously, it’s Microsoft-centric, but it gives a good sense of the part they’re playing, without developing devices directly.

19. @XivelyIOT 

Again, this is the behind the scenes, connectivity and data processing end of IoT. It takes a lot of computing power, and this microblog talks about how that happens and the advances in this arena.

20. @iotevent

Come here to find out about the Internet of Things Event as well as a lot of ideas that you might not think of IoT being used for (a bathing suit sensor that measures UV exposure is just one of those ideas). 

This is just a starter list, there are obviously a lot more accounts out there talking about IoT. Comment below if there is account you think is worthy enough for a follow. 



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