5 Websites That Will Keep You in the Loop on Connected Healthcare

There are many different terms that refer to it – telemedicine, telehealth, connected health, m-health – but whatever wording you choose, interest in connected healthcare is growing tremendously. The amount of information about it is proliferating as well. Just google “connected healthcare.” We did and got over 72 million hits. TMI!

To help you cut through the clutter, we pulled together a list of some of the best sites for information that will keep you up on what’s going on in this exciting new arena.

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Partners HealthCare: Connected Health

As proud Bostonians, we thought we’d start out close to home. Connected Health is part of Partners HealthCare, a Boston-based system that includes two of the most well-known and highly regarded hospitals in the world: Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts General. Partners HealthCare Connected Health is dedicated to creating and proving out technology-enabled healthcare solutions that help “integrate health into everyday life.” Their site is also an excellent source for news on connected healthcare innovations and other news.

Health Data Management

This is an information resource that works at the nexus between healthcare and IT.

 With an audience of hundreds of thousands of medical, IT, and financial professionals. Health Data Management provides “analysis of the technology trends, tools and strategies that are shaping healthcare’s future.  The topics they cover include the latest trends in information analytics, electronic healthcare records, information security, telemedicine and mobile apps.


The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to deploying information technology to transform healthcare. In recognition of the trend that healthcare is moving towards an “anytime, anywhere” approach that goes beyond hospital, clinic and office walls, HIMSS includes connected healthcare among its key focuses. The organization sponsors a number of symposia, conferences, and surveys in this area.


HealthITAnalytics.com is an online resource dedicated specifically to news and product information that addresses IT analytics in the healthcare arena. Its aim is to spread understanding on “how hospitals and physician practices are using analytics to improve patient care.” Among the resources HealthITAnalytics provides is a weekly newsletter that covers topics pertaining to m-health and telehealth.

HIT Consultant

HIT (Health IT) Consultant offers news and analysis on healthcare technology. An important focus of their work is digital health, specifically addressing the issues of digital health: mobility, telehealth, and wearables. HIT Consultant also provides a section dedicated to information on healthcare technology startups.

Bonus Infographic!

As a bonus, we thought you might like this infographic from the Internet Innovation Alliance on the benefits of health IT, especially connected healthcare.